The nature of the specific available technologies, but successful settlements have always attempted to adapt to risk by altering urban from discussion. Built of dams or irrigation are the nature of an ideal city with regard to aspect such as its site and construction more recently in the early twentieth century quality of residence, improve city and quality life of citizen including here amenity, beauty and convenience.

Performance architecture the element of context or genius loci the prevailing spirit or character of a place, has risen to higher level of importance and relevance, in line with three main parametric concept, current transportation in design thinking and technological advancement design skill have provided opportunity to include contextual factor with increased and scientific prevision in design methodology.

Internally, the house has convene loads from the upper partitions of the structure to the foundations. For example the house, slab and grade reinforced by high standard and optional for moderate seismic risk areas earthquake load in braced wall resisted by parameter flooding and slab on grade. Flood water can enter the manufactured home at a rate more equal to the water risk. There are contracting any buoyancy forces but causing substantial.

To avoid obstructing later development because of poor disposal practiced to provided materials for past flood development, building a house involves multiple overlapping access, the design often formally termed architecture, the construction or building, the finishing decoration and the occupation.

Parameter uncertainty derives from statistical consideration and is usually described by confidence intervals when using traditional frequencies not risk analysis aid decision a making damage reduction studies? The new risk and uncertainty analysis methods developed for flood damage reduction studies is different from earlier methods in that its inched a wider range of parameter uncertainty be appropriate.

I have created a timeline program to work on my both research and design in the fall based on the schedules below, I have carefully and I had return back to analysis the ground water a linked system on the environment tab consequences of ground water withdraw without a god management plan in place include land, seawater intrusion in coastal aquifer during overdraft situations or water logging of an area during an excess recharge situations.

The last question is Why design and specification is important, because may end decision will be keen to ensure that the predict are as aesthetically to their property as possible because they do not wish to devalue the cost of their property or advertise that they have been flooded before.

 after reseach at situation a flooded areas, I read literature review, I conceptualized how I would apply the term resilience to urban flooding management sources, identifying basic element for building an urban water resilience frame work, which guided on empirical work.

We carried out interview with informer by first introducing the type of disturbance relating to flood and discussing the boundaries of system service and management also. I make descriptive argument about the past, as implied by the reconnecting people with water. I am suggesting that in the past many people had a part to play in making decisions and taking action that contributed to the collective process of managing water and waste water management in their locality.

I suggest, we all had connection with the weather, the geography and other people’s cultural expectations that is lacking today as technocratic water management, my hypothesis is proposed by the design of the dams is, envisions the left abutment as a rock mass cut by micro joints one to secondary alteration of water theory and generalize codify of knowledge as a basis for practical standard action.

Incremental analysis follow of construction and loading occur in the embankment, landscape is used by scientist to mean land and everything on it considering contemporary water management it the case that even at its most technocratic and disconnected extreme has water management always operated in a public. Water management organization are not reaching out to work with their consumer, local resident or in environment.

I make design values dam and sloop system in regular homes based that more high quality recommendation to water service that are equally effective and better value terminology those currently available project, so co - benefit in other these flood disaster areas like development countries like Indonesia conservation and plan the water technology of landscape beauty resiliences. And the last beneficiary to public and recommendation of decision making about water management the landscaping and collective management thereof both program to mediating citizens attachment to their localities and communities.


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