The nature of the specific available technologies, but successful settlements have always attempted to adapt to risk by altering urban from discussion. Built of residence or irrigation are important seem the nature of an ideal city with regard to aspect such as its site and construction more recently in the early twentieth century quality of residence, improve city and quality life of citizen including here amenity, beauty and convenience.

Performance architecture the element of context in sloop system the prevailing spirit or character of a place, has risen to higher level of importance and relevance, in line with three main parametric concept, current transportation in design thinking and technological advancement design skill have provided opportunity to include contextual factor with increased and scientific prevision to design methodology.

Internally, the house has convene loads from the upper partitions of the structure to the foundations. For example the house, slab and grade reinforced by high standard and optional for moderate seismic risk areas earthquake load in braced wall resisted by parameter footing and slab on grade. Flood water can enter to the manufactured home at a rate more equal to the water risk. There are contracting any buoyancy forces but causing substantial.

To avoid obstructing later development because of poor disposal practiced to provided materials for past flood development, building a house involves multiple overlapping access, the design often formally termed architecture, the construction or building, the finishing decoration and the occupation.

Parameter uncertainty derives from statistical consideration and is usually described by confidence intervals when using traditional frequencies not risk analysis aid decision a making damage reduction studies? The new risk and uncertainty analysis methods developed for flood damage reduction studies is different from earlier methods in that its inched a wider range of parameter uncertainty be appropriate.

I have created a timeline program to work on my research and design over communicate on facebook or my fan page development studies, the problem of The Ground water a linked system the environment tab consequences of ground water withdraw without a good management of plan in place including to prepared the land, seawater intrusion in coastal aquifer during overdraft situations or water logging of an area during an excess recharge situations, the name project is sloop system on sustainable building construction.

Why design and specification is important, I think that as possible use the material like as bamboo they do not wish to devalue the cost of their property or advertise that they have been flooded before.

First, after reseach at situation a flooded areas, I read literature review, I conceptualized how I would apply the term resilience to urban flooding management sources, identifying basic element for building an urban water resilience frame work, which guided on empirical work.

Second, we carried out interview with informer by first introducing the type of disturbance relating to flood and discussing the boundaries of system service and management. I make descriptive argument about the past, as implied by the reconnecting people with water. I am suggesting that in the past many people had a part to play in making decisions and taking action that contributed to the collective process of managing water and waste water management in their locality.

I suggest, we all had connection with the weather, the geography and other people’s cultural expectations that is lacking today as technocratic water management, my hypothesis is proposed by the house design of underground, envisions the left basements as a rock mass cut by micro material Glases diffracting one light to secondary alteration of water theory and generalize codify of knowledge as a basis for practical standard action.

Incremental analysis follow of construction and loading occur in the embankment, landscape is used by scientist to mean land and everything on it considering contemporary water management it the case that even at its most technocratic and disconnected extreme has water management always operated in a public. Water management organization are not reaching out to work with their consumer, local resident or in environment.

I make design values dam and sloop system in regular homes based that more high quality recommendation, specifically I suggest that high quality hywdrosocial and water management promises.

During 18 months I have doing this project research design and management with budgeting from founding ( as rules $ 100.000.00 ) to creat technology, water service that are equally effective and better value terminology those currently available project, secondly to co - benefit in other these flood disaster areas like development countries like Indonesia conservation and plan the water technology of landscape beauty resiliences. And the last beneficiary to public and recommendation of decision making about water management the landscaping and collective management thereof both program to mediating citizens attachment to their localities and communities.

Landscape are made of many diverse phenomena and theory, there are debatable how the design more important that the teorie of built constructions Visual, aural, texture or factors that some trigger the recals of things from personal our own environment historical combine with information from landscape.

For the reasons, the Street areas including there sidewalks, a commination of Street with sponge transfer, you have change of the place in the one room material of the design and try to the management of the place to place orbits the cross and hole, when the question in my mind unsolved are. That the arts of land scape design. The accelerated growth and structural consider changes in the world trade and investment.

Rivers in the scene introduced a new element named seconder element material but the prospects in formal place useful driver relax and not too much stress, in certain aspects, stronger than closed spaces and try to window to open and with new to change areas, or change in the methodology is possibly the most complex and sophisticated arts we possess. 

Yet a critics of Jakarta on traffics. As worster’s suggest to there maybe crack some in the metaphorical canals irrigation that there are instances in which on the landscape fall outsides the rubricate of conquest. Although the corse outlined methodology shows how a technology has high on technology. Thus the stories of colonialism and capitalism development alongside, such a methodology of health and disease creates a more complicated environment history is for experts in view of a desired.

I called sloop system of sustainable construction to approval relevant, but hardly to understandable for people who are not the occupational the valleys an environment . I find feel the new standard of affected after attacks on the local landscape which, as demonstrated a regular basis of Chemical organics and the concurrent emergence of concerns about pesticide poisoning among farm workers surrounded humidity and your living, water resources, eccetera eccetera. 

Trigers are as a reasonable calculations in a measure into account that the compensation also generally from feeling recognized be? question answered infrastructure (wdaqua / canary) - requires excellent software architecture skills, interest in semantic technologies and natural language processing, database knowledge on graph management - requires good knowledge of the semantic data management technologies, an introduced me on the steps allowed already the conclusions that the landscape I designed this, far from the object has. I did various research about the history and the context of the website perform and try to the ingenious locium the website to define and the design it to support. 

This approach focused on the studies on the objective place in the naturalistic planning design heritages, urges the suspected that experts from the professional field nature conservation and landscape both authorities, as in landscape architects sponge city generate. I like to another differentiation of approval contribute even interested citizens understandable, I evaluate traceable would be a descriptive rating and connecting to evaluative prognosis. 

Water logging risk map of urban area shelter composed from many shelters, they are an emergency shelters, permanent shelters, centralized permanent shelters, shelters reserved for relief disaster and the last pipe drib age project of shelters. The qualifies observer are at moderate weighting item on an insides balanced e scale more likely to a result with a qualitative statement come, which is a predictable rating of complements suggest should. 

The self-perception of nature conservation as a fighter against inheritances motivated interventions seems inevitably algorithms methods in influencing factors to lead. there are especially the NA turschutzexperten theory, the traditionally in the case of algorithms models run (Okies - House, ecology -lehre from the balance of nature), even though the fond theory of flood system now as inadequate exposing begin. 

As modern system-sponge system program are low budget, we can see how the city in Frankfurt also with Munich on various is. So Munich more about the company think of multinational and analyze problem in the global scale, with National borders flattened, in fact is based the strategy to the global facts about code of conduct for the determination of the general principles of activities in these buildings like a mini-market to not in modern architectural styles to intervene, but used high technology. 

There are two dead ends in the field of relationship between multinational company and developing countries are the dominance of multinational company about the economies of developing countries, a second, the nationalization of multinational company monopoly of the traffics. 

Architecture with a perspective technology of Green environment are new imperative that from this new cosmology arises provides the basis for our symbiotic interaction with ecological habitats, with other cultures and civilizations, with other people, with the Cosmos as whole. I was here's a generative structure, the imaginative, intelligent and applied produce concrete consequences and guidelines the Act. 

There are the values of the need to environmental impact of nature. There are the values of the priority of production itself. Once visible in the care of both systems wasted on technical virtuosity and the indifference, with both look at architecture for other side. the idea of technology and sensitivity. the designers are creator and a critic that I try, the sensitivities of the driver's as a manufacturer of physical objects travel facing he enjoys's and they are pleased resident to use. 

However, source, arthritis-hole or integrated water absorption for examples are set rigid limits for social development and transformation of the city landscape. The urban revolution describes systematic quantization and the environment transformation. It is through the shift of the socio-political Center gravity on the quoted that from then on the land of the lower order control. 

On the one hand, the concept refers to the structure and the organization of scientific ideas and values as well as to their integration into a coherent system. Other hand, three systems are symbolic generalization, this is a number of correspondence the symbols with other symbols connected well.

Implications for the nature of green landscape are the symbolic generalization on the elaboration of traffics between the form and content, an example in the painting are dominant in the color, in construction are dominant of material and so on the second is models, that's this landscapes can be interpreted characters be regarded, in the context color, shape, size of the frame to frame, under construction may component and control internal onto material. the model is essential for the element of the composition or the perspective, model reflect also metaphysical obligations. 

the last is copy, copy is the last major component of the paradigm in architectures. The architecture is fundamentally for artistic established forms of representation as much as you imitate creates already on the nature. Characteristics of sponge city program including to geographically, long flood season (more 60.000 cubics per seconds) floods, climates and plum rain or volume of rainfall in sedimentation and reclamation.


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