Genius Locium Part 2

Much of theoretical in landscape architecture revolves around how best to resolve several fundamental tensions. there are tensions between the different ways of knowing the world expressed within the various of knowledge and theoretical frameworks upon which the discipline draws. There are tensions between knowledge and representation of the general and the particular, of abstract space and lived place. and there are tensions across the multiple scales of site, city, region and global systems. an alternative is the prototyping approach between problem of politics and technology with Genius Locium. 

We understand the legislation the people's representation council.( DPR ) only one have authority primary sources public of policy, making draft of law until public issues, but from genius locium the data needed for input into the automated system from people in network. Sometimes they was making entry data in networking inaccurate records unless there are multiple control of user from graphics algorithms variable stand to keep a regular account and rigorous malware, firm ware, virus, multi user, hacker or higher authorities. 

If nothing data bases can easily become corrupted. Part of the solution is to use genius locium technology, it will be possible recover the valid data. Genius locium system while change manual input data with finding reliable source data bypassed and Read mapping matrix of analysis task robotics technology could therefore be more an opiate of the people than catalyst for democratic solution. 

The roughly sketched methodology shows how highly sophisticated a landscape analysis is technically processed. Such a differentiated methodology is relevant to experts with regard to the desired so-called genius locium certainty, but is hardly comprehensible to persons who are not members of the field of nature protection. Do the emotions of those affected after attacks on the domestic landscape which, as shown, are regularly more effective than rational calculations - in a measure taken into account that the compensation can also be universally recognized by the feeling? 

A glimpse at the work steps already allows the conclusion that the landscape planning practice has far removed from the object. Here, I can do various research works on the site 's history and context and try to define the genius locium of the site, and base the design on it. This approach focused on the studies, on the objective site in the naturalistic planning design heritages, the suspicion arises that experts from the occupational field of nature conservation and landscape planning will generate significant growth both in specialist authorities and in landscape architects. 
A solid software in users central generate and control from robotics interest of expert experts should contribute to a further differentiation of licensing procedures. Similarly, simplified assessment procedures, which are also comprehensible for interested to read where citizens, location users input can not be expected for the time being. A descriptive valuation and weighting would be comprehensible with an evaluative forecast. 

Qualified processors will tend to arrive at a more qualitative result with a moderate weighting of separate items on a balanced inner scale, rather than to quantify which should suggest a predictable assessment of perceptual data input every users. The self-perception of input data base authorities as fighters against malware, firmware or hacker and virus motivated interventions seems inevitably to lead to safety mode methods in the field of intervention. 

These archetype of robots in user central account useful to detect earthquakes, population control, electronic human election and data of e-passport and tax ( detection of IBAN ) above all, the code protection experts themselves, who traditional fall into the trap of electronic models (central electrical robot objects house, efficiency - the doctrine with architecture the natural balance), even though the loving description models begin to appear inadequate. It can be seen that the more refined the observation new robot of models, the greater the distance to the object


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