Legal Philosophy , Introduction

The Legal of Philosophy is one of main interest to understanding and responsibility as dossier in Law Faculty in Indonesian University, with process of knowledge in the consciousness to explored participate in legal support assistant in UNDP and Women Advocacy where this is discourse I like idea about Michael Foucault and write his history  because of it’s the mainstream to be integrity with deconstruction thinkers.

I was starting study of legal– ethics research during my activities at the institution between Legal women advocate and cultures pioneered by my foundation, I feel that the experience metamorphosis from an understanding of diversity and cultural knowledge can be important while I did not continue in your PhD, because as long as acknowledge I dreams have school in western I can get new experience others only that in my country.

First of all I am intending with clearly why I was interested to steeped in legal philosophy especially strengthening with history and legal philosophy impacts The micro-politics of power is, there are two methodologies used Foucault, namely, archaeological science and genealogy power , yet that proposition is imprudent because with following to PhD in legal philosophy and many problems about theory of deconstruction and genealogy of law I have to reinvention myself as a fighter by knowledge especially an archetypal legal and women advocacy technology and new methods which known in epistemology.

Why interested of legal in taking this field? The reason for my motivation is a great to know that what the differences of the methodology while used by genealogy of legal perspective in history did (with socio legal perspective) others in particular the government policies about distinction among matters of middle ages views returned from Philosophy and Anthropology. The history through with different approached, firstly in the era of decentralization of law management, local elites to rally support and needs of issue development to grow up from corruption, with the crisis was political drivers or instruments to powers.

Secondly, my motivation to brief the context of this competition in Scholarship because as sometimes made ​​regulations and used rules to win is fair the competition. And last sigh, by motivation is resilience symptoms behind the modernization and repressed a politics to impacts on the global scale, earlier times it has became the driving community and the characters do and return to move a development as a basic for the solution.

All the phenomenon of the rise of modern in various global level make interested in using methodology for legal pluralism because I know as well as any expert in the world or society is to uphold the values ​​of pluralism is highest but if the laws does not require it will happens as equal before be influence for policy and philosophy in your country. The term of jury cultural pluralism recognize the diversity of subjective definition of law but acknowledge must be necessary for a normative order to be comprehensive attempt to examine an archetypal paradigm transition of legal philosophy with dialogue and practice.


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