Susahnya Mencari Keadilan

A woman who have I met in the hallways in government of departments, tearfully tears do not come out, he looked dazed and sad with a lonely view. hope there are people who can greet with her language. I will close to him, know the world wherever you step on women as very weakness when fighting with men, even though it was her own husband, let alone a woman worker employer boarder 
ask for justice but the justice closed to hers not only from a personal but also let alone a legal. The government does not protects small institutions especially marriage registry office.

I know in Indonesia as well as usual, hard to find of law and justice for women. a Man may seek all means only three million was able to corrupt and get a fake marriage certificate, ID Card or passport, for married women where she will be a scared, hoping to get a justice, mouth locked with money and threats now, the law can be traded. a woman hold accountable and provide for children be born, only seek legal protection when the police and the justice of court could not brief except with a dash of money .


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