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Love is always patient and kind
Love is never jealous
Love is not boastful or conceited, it is
Never rude and never seeks its own advantage, it does not take offense
Or not store up grievances..
Love does not rejoice at wrong doing
But finds its joy in the truth.
It is always ready to make allowances,
To trust,
To hope,
To endure
Whatever comes

The writings of Muhammad Arkoun as my plane of research in Dissertation before, because his writings show a profoundly determined intellectual effort to understand Islam a new. As a result his work tends to present what non Moslem or secular Westerners regard as the absolute, irrational and superstition,patriarchal and warlike essence of Islam in a favorable or least approcable, light and context. He has been criticized for this by both Moslem or not Moslem where this is it the interest to study the inter-religious studies deeply.

Do you think that interreligious and dialog might reconciliation give tremendous potential for spiritual progress? so much unhappiness and persistent violence in the world are due to resolve conflict.The spirritual practice of forgiveness has the potential to heal words and stop conflict but it is not so widely appreciated and practiced. Interest for the study of inter-religious is greater when I am a Woman Muslim should be able to demonstrate to a lot of friends who have spoke to the international media about the culture and religion are not Methodists, emotional and very discredit other religions in the world. 

I have active dialog interreligious and join with IFC or Interfaith Food Center in Indonesia, a major programs of aids and charity for people in Indonesia helped to poverty by rice supply, dialog to spiritual principle of of forgiveness and its application for reconciliation to prevent, mediate or resolve conflicts. This program involves developing a coalition of donors to provide a total one million dollars to initiate pioneering dialog and research in theology, science and humanity, and studies of a wide variety of forgiveness intervention experiment.

As long as the experience I noticed that a program as well to touching any of the world with love and will not run in accordance of goals, the conflict of interreligious will remain, the question about piece is return to religion and intellectual as science. This is to disscuss the question in all its dimensions, languages remains impregnated with values and religious reference. 

Whereas hermeneutics is methods and rationally in language. Every one need language or oral to communication and interacts, desacralized contect have replaced religious language. Religion like language is collective force that governs the life societies, interreligious studies not rarely secular perspective have taken over for understanding about religious harmony, the effect of interreligious studies for the human life for respect traditional religion too. Only human beings, with love and intellectually can constantly renew and augment opportunities for their own liberation on religious.

The programs Russel Berrie by Interreligious study among one year is congruent to continue the next level a my research in Anglicum Rome , but with humility I will take this level one year before to deepen methodology, even though I've finished my graduate in this faculty with cumlaude predicate, but to obtain a post PhD in the same fields I would still take interfaith studies in my research of The Theory of Mohammed Arkoun hermeneutical an Analytical study of His Method of Interpreting the Koran and Theology Feminism. 

During the study in Anglicum I was do compilation for writing religious life in Rome to be convoy for indonesian society with bahasa and writing in several languages especially arabic, a concise and useful study constructed that spoke to the main theme interreligious reaction to their civilization and religion.

to say that the language of love
need arrangement who have
not understanding measure
not of words unable to concentrate
but of interpretations hidden in the visible
and not readable
by our eyes

( Nahdia El Lathief 2014 )


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