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by. N.a.h.d.i.a

I would like to formally join Conference and Research for Urban and Climate study in short time 3 months because join this moment to experience study consider to experience and to improve responsibility in Environment and global Climate problem high scale in Indonesia where I was learning and doing in urban and slum advocacy, I have extensive experience with the company starting when I participated in this program including in academic obtained while I was received straight the province analyze data and value victim and risk this problems.

I use analyze data and ethnography resources in other technical Architecture in urban research. I much develop the data especially Analyze of Data Program during cross check develop to exceptional scale and with reporting, I have designed and implemented communications strategies an ability demonstrated to work with team leaders too. I have been responsible for benefits communications, deep relations. Because widest its must make humanity capability, Scientific skill and art. These are just a few examples of my accomplishments. I hope that will find this brief of views, in combination with will be mature in trainer in people and analyze and Urban System too. I appreciate your consideration and look forward to discussing while important to convenience and looking forward participation the audience for utilities the program.

I would like information how joined research dissertation here and how to apply and submit application as well. I did my MSc from Diponegoro University. Bachelor of engineering architecture too at same of University In year 2002, 2009 and currently engaged in activity at Tor Vergata University of Roma as a Lecture and Process of Ph.D since October 2013, before that worked in Islam College of Engineering & Management Sciences, Jakarta Indonesia, affiliated by UIN more 15 years and Indonesian Education, more 5 years, and Public of Policy consultant of Indonesian Development Tour and Architecture Corporation during 5 years stay and study in Europe. I have sound knowledge of Landscape engineering and basic of Design system. I have a great desire research of landscape architecture and urban Planning University of Havard and contribute my part in researcher program at last year ago, because of at couple years was contributed in Research Assistant in DeutschBundesh Bank Germany. I prepare those Portfolio as your requested to give you a better understanding of our conférences  background and will be obliged If you could have a look.
The Public of Philosophy and Science is one of my main interests in learning and teaching in Indonesian University where the basic study in Philosophy dual degree with Anthropology and Public Policy in My Post Graduate Social Science DIPONEGORO University bring my life to study and learn about Architects. It is the perfect knowledge of my representation about future or my vision in many activities in Mapping City, Urban Development and Architecture Building in my country where I am going to success participate to developing and movement in my Country Indonesia. Social problems in my country, Indonesia was complicated especially about Climate Change and Policy, which are the things that crucial if have not consider the logic and participation with nature and environment.

What does happen while the public did not entered all decision? I enjoy learning and exploring to public attitude of show up `the urban problem` and `their sustainable ` can be influence climate and global warming and Flood disaster in the Country and in The world, it is depend on public around capacity in modern impacts and properties whom to fight between the rights and obligations the government to stable, clearance and manipulate the data of this issue.
I started studying the Anthropology, Philosophy and continue to Public – ethics research in Public Policy and architecture. During the last years of my undergraduate studies at Philosophy in University and I get Anthropology to research social and problems human philosophy in Indonesia. I get scholarship from Djarum Super and DIKTI Since I have been studied in couples of university, my post graduate thesis was about Ethics and Public Philosophy. I get excellent value in the thesis (A) predicate under the supervision of Professor Y. Warella, MPA., PhD. The title is: Ethics and Public Philosophy, Discontinuity Legal Critics of Administration and Politics Administration, Economic of Development in Coastal Area.
I have received formal education in PhD outside University that not much salary to study in Indonesia and bored with not solution problems in my institution, I think positive any situation resource complex problem in corruption from small institution until up Governance. so I get certificate in Architects, with Scholarship I regard to supplement of government in solution about Environment perception in urban city, the new paradigm and theory about genealogy architects especially the capital city has divide from people and culture interacts. And the answers to all of generally is a brilliant question about the slum upgrading and landscape of the urban city problems on the concept of genealogy approach public philosophy has result from the reality in my countr 

With my dedication I can do the research of specific in topics and interest to slum clearance problems. I try to researching the current practice of the branches of the government and how to reflecting the concept of Genealogy and Archaeology in the history of architects building in the country. May be there are the background why I disappointed from my Leader in my country because of they have not thinking about logic about Women, constructed about environment and global impacts in more 10 years I habit and held my knowledge with Local Environment NGO beside CIFOR and CGIAR. 

I wish that I had enough time to finish my study in PhD quickly and back to my country so to finish my home work (the new constructs ethno-architects to improve to my skill in culture science). I was interested to study of culture and Ethnography. This is can be more efficient in Public Philosophy program May be it is essential to experience from my tenure as enforcement of social building will contribute to study in this area is as a continuation of my work in PhD and I will going to Professor in my carrier in My University Indonesia. May be less scientist and lecturer in Indonesia carrier and expertise in Ethnography and Analyze in Public Philosophy So, I will conduct primary-source research on the performance academic due to the nature of my skill, may be seen as integral capacity have been done in my research. The projects will be produce to clearing and understanding of factors that influence others performance. I can return to Indonesia where I can work and finished my book about Culture City and Urban Indonesia.



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