Climate of Built Environment

Climate negotiations essentially revolve around drown risk condition. It is reduction of emissions, pollution and mitigation or the other is failure from adaptation to climate change until 2014 is a waste of time. However, this earth our one foot in earth has always worked to adaptation change and mutation. I must only be a decision was adopted to effectively disaster on loss and damage. loss potential, risk development and modern country been rehabilitation options. Over all do after considered in this rule and justice is ambiguous. Moreover, several initiatives and networks that could be highly relevant to our work and the people at risk have been strengthened.

The urban city in my country is experiencing a sustainability crisis which resource constraints and environmental pressured are human effects totally indicate global risk. A food and economic are high today, tomorrow not happen and hope for poor people. I dream in short instability Dollar with rupiah rapidly turn down and this crisis considering an elites to wake up from dreaming to move forward these home work about slum area in other city especially Java.

Every one judge while with different language could be interpretation low integrity, but I can get you solution in second rule in consideration. Marx had critics increase obloging human being in the world; altought they receive more pressure in their live constanly to work and move to produce more and more may be you fall today, but tomorrow you must wake up again and again. you do not know when allah seem more and receive your pray sometimes a little hope can arrive, with time and with pray. With hope and with love you poor people while ceaselessly eluding those who accomplish that destiny these later productivity. An infenetly more than the share of value that returns to them on underestimate of you. And you must optimis revolutionary promise are probably of that little important to who they feel you have not be better


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