Christians and Muslim on Legal Tradition

Ethics and Conflict of Christians and Muslim about Concept of Dhimmi on Legal Tradition and Culture Muslim, The Genealogy and Legal Philosophy Approach

This Essay written because of most Christians people in my linkage google+ miss understood about Al quran and generalized all included of Qoran with underestimated where trying to do opinion and slander, When we know that theologically and Logical of science fact many shortcomings in trinity concept always paradox , ambiguity and more deficiency in Biblical but Muslims never interfered because of they are appreciate the faith of others

One issue seen as challenging the legal tradition of East Asian and Indonesia was the extent to which it had been transformed by an emphasis on mysticism in individual belief and practice. The legal tradition had seen as distinctively moslem or Christian has been supplanted in Asia especially Indonesia by ecstatic practices that again, were attributed to the pagan past (e.g. Geertz 1960,Winstedt 1961).

It was ironic, therefore , that all of the Christians with whom I read the matter in population and saw conversion to Christianity as the only solution-short of genocide- to the Moslem conflict in internal among ideology, practice or tradition. This desire solution, however , seems the one outcome that cannot occur. Christians have been explicitly and violently resisting with phenomenon and tradition in my century, outside Terror of issues, and the fact that it is still being offered to them an attractive tragic commentary on wars caused as well as rationalized by religious and culture ideology.

In any condition the legal of system in Indonesia especially Islam that I encountered in this project research, seems firmly grounded in traditional Islamic of legal, and those beliefs and practices whose tradition and culture has previously been questioned have on close examination, proven to be equally grounded in that law or in an individual interpretation of Religion. Women also gotten impacts from this condition above polygamy cases and divorce.

Indonesia tradition conflicts has been two religions always from this backgrounds. The Islamic legal of regulation contradict with laws permitting of polygamy and divorce to dominate perceptions Islam or not Islam have one another. Christians views plural marriage as evidence of the sexual license that is felt to pervade Islam and stimulus to the violent behavior felt to be characteristic of men in particular.

A dhimmī (Arabic: (collectively أهل الذمة ahl al-ḏimmah/dhimmah, "the people of the dhimma") is a historical term referring to non-Muslim citizens of an Islamic state. Dhimma allows rights of residence in return for taxes. According to scholars, dhimmis had their rights fully protected in their communities, but as citizens in the Islamic state, had certain restrictions.

They were excused or excluded from specific duties assigned to Muslims, did not enjoy certain political rights reserved to Muslims, and were subject to payment of a special tax (jizyah), but were otherwise equal under the laws of property, contract and obligation.

The Contexts : The contexts is, according to Abdul Jamil ( Islamic Culture, 1988) Islamic culture influence in Java culture, the most important to element of the Islamic Culture on the contexts not only does this factor provide a window into the dialectical relationship between text and the circumstance that gave rise to it, but also serves as referent for later readers during their interpretation of the dhimmi in text and contexts.

Contexts is composed of text and the prefix con which literally means with the text, When discussing genealogy from the text of the Quran, previous scholars usually ascribed the reason for it to personality of Muhammad particularly his movement to Madinah as firstly called ummah or community in Islam.

And the fact that sending down the Quran piecemeal would strengthen Muhammad`s heart ( Q.25:32). For the context in the reason applies too to the others to whom this scripture was addressed, even more perhaps than to Muhammad since the latter was merely a transmitter whereas the final goal o communication to dhimmi was a difference community. 
Study employs a methodology commonly known as Ethnographic of a technique of combining quantitative and qualitative methods So far for merely combining these methods however, it also attempts to make them interacts in order to counter invalid assertion which may be present in each. As data I have used to the extant sets of some kind variables was necessary in the survey about character of genealogies from the conflict of Christians and Muslim about concept of Dhimmi on legal tradition and culture Muslim, in law,  philosophy and development.

I nevertheless should be notes that out of more 100 respondents have been selected for focus in this study, and until 30 to 50 sample location. The questionnaires ultimately have people of Indonesia in conflict with Christians and Muslim about Concept of Dhimmi on legal tradition and culture Muslim, the genealogy and legal Philosophy Approach of constructed and support ethnographer whose became increasingly troublesome about different from needs. 

While the result of the survey are representative, it provides only superficial information since no further information about the sample being surveyed is provided. Therefore, I will be analysed the qualitative data obtained from open – ended interviews that I was conducted to get more in depth information from respondents divide two form internal and external data. They are allowing to representing data sector major of model conflict an included are social sources, good culture habit, internal legal, regulation or syariah law and policy etc.

The conflict of Christians and Muslim about concept of Dhimmi on legal tradition and culture Muslim, may be using great relation and connection to the Genealogy and Legal Philosophy Approach. This concept study is a basic in information and evaluation by Indonesia its overall conflict religion and culture system. I ever do interviews with multiple players and conduct. It is difficult to drawn on objective analysis but also subjective perceptions to back up or supplement a purely quantitative approach.

Jakarta is the sample on Genealogy and Legal Philosophy Approach and the part in portrait conflict of Christians and Muslim about Concept of Dhimmi in Indonesian was chosen as the location of interviews since it is a centre people and corrupt of culture which many people come to settle, remain and interacts.

Before I was verification the data, I have collect many information and media online in the c conflict of Christians and Muslim about concept of Dhimmi construction, why, what and how about material based used too. After accumulate of data we are may discuss to participant and literal investigation from line or books support, analysis data with statistic and many others.

Antropological approach seem appropriate to deal with this kind of data. An analysis of data about crucial in conflict of Christians and Muslim about concept of Dhimmi. More important to hope in methods of interpretation data applied to publics philosophical issues, and how it differs from the approaches taken by other modern researchs on these hermeneutic topics.

First step, I make observation literature and human subject. Literature have been made clearing what related to theory and practice, but research subject to find the culture theme . The second step, I can be creating the mapping how chronology orders from genealogy influences have been gotten of the conflict of Christians and Muslim about concept of Dhimmi.

Ethnography, it is research data culture analysis composition from the observation, mapping group result and hypothesis, culture data and interview at directly (investigation).The reconstruction ethnography research culture were to answer the conflict of Christians and Muslim about concept of Dhimmi problems at the legal tradition in Indonesia. The ethnographer`s purpose is to learn, to acquire some knowledge that they previously did not have (Michel, 77:1980).


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