Church and Privileges

In this essay I turn back to practical thinking as architects and more activities in my country where an architecture which is more dominant rationality back to transcendentalism experience of study further to help something different for human being, the motivation begins from my daddy who has illness of cancer and hopeless from anyone except me, I always hopeful the miracle is coming where many people is desperate and the miracle coming to my dad`s life.

Applying the scientific usefulness that I have and to help think about privilege as understood in theory and cross-cultural feminism , as a thematic about feminism and those methodology so to help think about privilege as it is conceived in feminist theory and cross culture, and particulary as it poses a predicament for those who enjoy significant religion privilege while also being committed to fighting it. Otherwise my concern is not with those who remain either unapologetic about, or else culpably ignorant of their privilege but rather with difficulties that their personal privilege present for those who actively seek to diminish injustice and oppression. 

Privilege is a term of moral disapprobation for it betows unjustifiable benefits on certain groups and consequently on their individual members, by virtue of the exclusion of others. Privilege, then intrinsically a scarce resource. For some to enjoy a privilege entails a structural relationship in with the benefit one groups enjoy are denied to another. Moreover as beauvoir notes in its preface, such benefits are often obtained through the systematic exploitation of one group by another but we will see it is methodologically as an ecclesial leadership or religious institutions that already exist and are respected from sociological terminology.  

Leadership from me is privilege particularly though not exclusively but are concerned about privilege less as a matter of what they unjustifiably enjoy. typical a the remarks of the feminist in Europe that privilege on the interrelation theology can be conflicts, the conflicts I have faced have not been about oppression or the privilege that many feminist now discuss privileges in church or religious institution. I disagree to some western thinkers about Indonesian and women's rights there, because the problems experienced anywhere in the world. Rather than acknowledging their multiple locations at both oppressors and oppressed. The meaning of privileges has altered dramatically over time. I begin my essay with a brief.

overviews of the origins of the term and of some of the shifts in referent examining in particular the race privilege then i argue that although in some ways productive such a political religion may also be problematic especially in which privileged progressives might also appropriately engage, one that instead acknowledges and consciously deploy of privileges. It takes the form of a clear standard of how women's leadership privileges are no longer a problems but it is a necessity.

Since Rome which has known a privilegium was a special ordinance referring to an individual and often providing an exemption from the formal requirements of the law, here, privilege began also to acquire the meaning of an ascribed social status, which is frequently connote of negative today, now this entity was shift to necessity for one`s progressive or attributes qualities lived and control for accountable to have strong legal connotation, not only contrition and penance individually.

however, I said, analysis of leadership in privileges is tends to reinscribe forms of individualism of all kinds structural and systematics where obtained through interpersonal capacity and recognized by institutions nevertheless religions. This is tends to become not only intensely individualistic but also frequently moralistic.

I can be thinking about self transformation in leadership and privileges that we work on rational idea likes `religion architecture` as well. Nobody to become a marginal situation not only when not privileges inhere in gender differences, but also when the women arise from distictions such as race, nationality or religion, She will be more diligent in resolving problems ideally ( study) besides their social practices. Background from scientist and very concerned about the struggle of gender diversity in a climate of conflict and terrorism unfailing, the much needed skills through the methodology and capability study interrelgious by methodology approach. 


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