Pluralism on Perspective

History to understanding as method, a series of logical techniques used to produce meaningful events, genealogy was one sight in the methodological trace produced about an investigation, allow the perception about pluralism and genealogy of structures. I mean seem exiting about world known religion were not same interpretation in specific cases in contemporary theory as like as genealogy with Nietzsche perspective as hermeneutic strategy that demand close attention to historical trace and detail of moral development (Nietzsche: 324). 

However, it seem that these form of back to basics, about ethnology despite not solving the inter ware problems in the world especially rationalism from Europe but also they are generate for interpretation about culture another problems which more seriously even pertaining to classical problems in crisis to religion in global and useful to the country and legal government. If pluralism aims are prescribed without indicating how these aims should be prioritized in concrete cases, Pluralism were can be solving with the approach. 

Plato, reading of the metaphor that structure philosophical texts an exclusion of from of production of philosophy had been derived inspiration, both a partial and rational, or far in practical and traditional on the term of Philosophy in space is seemingly by antagonistic position, and in rational term in attack to Philosophy about truthfully when this is a not logic and impossible to monism. 

According to Plato again, world of true is not subject who is speaks. It is the receptacle of speech, possibility, though is not enough to articulation. In ethics of genealogy ( Michael Foucault 1926-1984) can be discussion about history in philosophy. He has a maintains that modern ethics thought attempt to deriving in the moral and obligation from modern humankind as here conceived, however, politics including them, would conform exactly to dreams of the ideal on the rules.

The legal of pluralism are not only ethics attitude but also intervention of state to religion. The persistently occurring ways which humans conceive and perceive religious, desire, and sect, It is pure including the thinking in the human ideas can be development more own self beyond the true that practice can be attain.

Do they guide us toward what ideally should occur ? In ethics human being can respects to law which can be created. Jürgen Habermas in the theory genealogy has get and clear on the depth problems of power in the modern reality (Colin K, 225:2013) he was sketching normative criteria, reconstruction can take forward – facing form specified by Pragmatism or Anthropologist thus Mac Carty `s argument that critical theory and genealogy together avoid shared transformation about idea cum radicalization to critic paradigm of Kantian approach.

Further more Ruth Leys (279:2000) concept in genealogy, according to hers, the concept of genealogy is accidentalism because of defined in term of contingency, unpredictability, unsettling, or expectation or meanings. It is central crisis in history and post traumatic century. The theory whose remembering for me about tracks for the research of deconstruction in post modernism from Derrida, which made sense are intrinsically limited to reflection of the accomplished, the constituted, the constructed (Norris,51:1982) 


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