Slum Upgrading 2

Slum Upgrading and Landscape of the Culture Urban Issue Problems 
and Regulation in the Concept of Genealogy 
and Legal Philosophy Approach

`Society is a partnership, not only between those who are living, but between those who are living, those who are dead, and those who are to be born`

(Edmund Burke)

Architectures whose adhere to the philosophy are merely providing a product commodity but they are providing to service the people, species and even to future generations. Philosophy always consider on designers must be a tool of realism which repeatedly permits us to rediscover our selves, and sustainable structure is in the place whom repeatedly from the structure from itself. During the last decades there has been a noticeable decline in the ideal of an architecture philosophy which is accompanied by an increasing critique on capital building and industry sector in the urban area.

The problems of deconstruction for urban building to be regulated are felt have become influence from Postmodernism or condition of people in urban area. Instead of developing an ethno – architects which merely the abstract values and aims are prescribed so new paradigm public of philosophy. There are concrete research problems by means of which these objectives can be reached. Each creates can be reaction, building somewhat imperceptibly until modernism rush to poverty, slummy and not sign beautiful building or sustainable design. At first sight, the condition of slum upgrading meets some of the objective raised by wrong designer in the city.  
According to Edmund Burke, society can be relationship by culture and nature, history and mythology. After tsunami earthquake disaster, the building materials most power characters than natural examples woods and water. Building design began to change to responds technologies and new technologies, but the responsibility of the technology has not desired. We should leave intact the theory of building technologies in the art of architectures but has been described history of gradually the philosophy of the building.

Here history is understood as method, a series of logical techniques used to produce meaningful events, this is a second sight, the methodological trace produced by this investigation allow the perception urban of genealogy structures exiting in specific cases in contemporary architectural theory as like as Genealogy with Nietzsche perspective as strategy that demand close attention to historical trace and detail of moral development (Nietzsche: 324).

However, it seem that these form of back to basics, ethnology although solving the gender problem generate another problem which is even more serious problems pertaining to classical social problem in crisis to industry of the country. If industrial aims are prescribed without indicating how these aims should be priority in concrete cases, slum upgrading were can be solving with the approach.

The construction culture building find in all the countries in the world were influence from sexual or gender sense of building, it has not a peculiar property of the third world but it has been created of the Philosophy about landscape and developing country for many years. The construction building or infrastructure more influenced from corrupt practices, according to Kaufmann (2005, p. 5) has defined is Legal Corruption as arising when the elite prefers to hide corruption from the population (what we will call ahead as investments in “legal barriers”). It was natural calling a genealogy of the group, community, people in the state. As like as seem building can be different seeing between man and women perspective to construction. 

More a man want to garage others landscape outside in his home example flower garden and yards. We are specifically model of the landscape as a decision of the elite reduce of analysis population remote public service or urban culture situation used more decision making have been laid after whom had minimized population to undercover public issues, which can be interpreted as undermining collective action. This entails a cost for the elite decadence. Fortuitously a red tape may be seen as a good example to device implement for developer obscured allocations from the population. In moral and legal perspective (Italo Pardo: 2004, p.54)

Legal Corruption is characterized by the betrayal of such trust, economics and fields of politics to transfer public powers to the private sector especially is building and property.You can see, more projects to road repairs from every year. Indonesia, especially Jakarta has mind raining and that developer coming to them and given projects from government with easier corruption from public of development.
The details of what constitutes corruption have vary between distance in one place and one culture it has be deemed as unfair attempts to win favor in others. But culture it self can be manipulate and mobilizing likes the corrupt to legitimate in the practices, for example by labels as traditional condition in social urban crisis. Philosophy of development make the people in the landscape is not happen nevertheless there have conduct to the government that should be rejected the own philosophy, example: Slum clearance has been made a number of effects from corruption in the country.

First, Political legitimacy and stability may be threatened. People may become morally and mentally alienated by corruption of behavior. Alternatively, there are may be resentment by those excluded from receiving the benefit result to building constructs whose getting from corruption. In both cases political opposition may be mobilized to destabilize or overthrow from the regime, secondly. Legal Philosophy, there is a negative effects on interpretative as the public is subsumed by individual an opposing views which a belief to that if the prevailing system is bad, then corruption may be goals. It makes decision making which not predictable, given motivation to underpaid workers and enables slum cleared group which called darkness so impact to public operations.
The paradigm should be risk too from romantics resurgence philosophy of architects relevance in capitalism and positivism approach, thus avoiding violence before political power were legally under estimated but such a view overlooks the millions of dollars invest from `conglomerate-man` had been risen to cooperate with government often grows public building without seem the people surrounding, the corruption always are monopoly and must incorporate a clear understanding of its causes these can broadly classified as follows:

1. The Cultural factors, in the contexts of legal philosophy where primary loyalties has provide than the other people with lower social levels as kinship and ethnicity there are may be preservation on officials to looks after the group`s. Also proactive from traditional society such as made principle and conduct may be carried from contemporary context to even through official norm stress impersonal values in line with the ideal-type the construction of the right. The Acknowledge is landscape of capacity that needs held disable function that culture corrupt, culture western, modernism so create culture adoption in everywhere.

2. Socio legal factors, Legal Behavioral, Legal community is based on the nature of man too, the physical condition of man as well as in the nature of legal behavior. All images man are emphasizing the rational side of man, but the women has not rational or emotional to decision often. The general dissatisfaction with the modern architecture and city planning whom rational (more from male perspective) destruction poor housing and open widest market, real estate and public building that exiting urban city program.

3.And the last, Slum and Urban issue. Slum is constructions of the imagination, a stereotype that was fashioned than human right. Slum in this decade especially twentieth century are social entertainers by bourgeois and social reformer to record they have insisted of environment reality surround their living be clear and beautiful. Historian has perpetuated this slum myth dramatic caricature (Rumiko, 1: 2011), that remain embedded in document record.

In fact, construction of city has not dependent on corruption effects but also from internal aspects for example landscape architecture, genealogy and Archaeology of the lands. In genealogy work (Foucault, 216) claims, does not criticize a discourse for its lack of scientific grounding, its class distortions, or its self-professed in securities. Instead its truth and knowledge are rooted in its historical contexts. They are the manner in which a society searches to order and discipline own self. According to Foucault, genealogy can be relationships among a set of distinct elements such as professional discourses, governmental institutions, administrative procedures, regulatory laws, legal concepts, architectural design and plan, scientific statement and moral proclamations.
The urban culture until now, it has a problems surrounding to doing capital city and economics have been discussed, getting connected in region policy so material characteristic have been not related because of the crisis to rural culture the city into urban city are a capitalism. Sexual express to desire from society trough mechanisms of law, religion, politics, philosophy, right, until love and fertility, factors sexual rather had the building in the country would growing. Sexual and modernity is made relation where sexuality had been primarily understood as natural genealogy in the constitution.

According to Karl Mark, Sexuality primarily in term of Biologist within the domain from family or private discussed, but Malinowski (1929) had written on the sex lives of civilized westerners as phenomena would be leapt of consequences in spite of private the sexual after that opposition form part at the public review between the culture and sexual determination. So Sex to understanding too became language, though and held of modernity. The background problems in the research are why the perception of urban landscape has influence of family history philosophy in the most country. Culture, perception and corruption can be change some one that a home, example the most years ago people never make of home but because of sexual was needs an house to building in everywhere in the private orientation.

Plato, reading of the metaphor that structure philosophical texts an exclusion of from of production of philosophy had derived inspiration, both a partial and rational, so far in practical term Philosophy of the Law of space is seemingly at antagonistic position, and in rational term in attack on Philosophy about truthfully when this is a logical impossibly. In Plato world of true is not subject who is speaks. It is the receptacle of speech, possibility, though is not enough to articulation. 
In ethics of genealogy (Michael Foucault 1926-1984) can be discussion about history in philosophy. He has a maintains that modern ethical thought attempt to deriving in the moral and obligation from modern of mankind as here conceived, however, politics including them, would conform exactly to dreams of the ideal on the rules. The law of logic are not a political law or ethics attitude. The persistently occurring ways in which humans conceive and perceive including sexual, desire, art and beauty, It is pure of thinking in the human ideas can be developing own self beyond the true that practice can attain.

Do they guide us toward what ideally should occur? In ethics human being can respects to law which can be created. Jürgen Habermas in the theory genealogy has get and clear on the depth problems of power in the modern reality (Colin K, 225:2013) he was sketching normative criteria, reconstruction can take forward – facing form at specified by pragmatism or anthropologist. Mac Carty `s argument that critical theory and genealogy together avoid shared transformation about idea cum radicalization to critic paradigm of Kantian approach. 

Furthermore I am interest to read about Ruth Leys (279:2000) concept in genealogy, according to his the concept of genealogy is accidently because of defined in term of contingency, unpredictability, unsettling, or expectation or meanings. It is central crisis in history and post traumatic century. The theory whose remembering for me about tracks for the research of deconstruction in post modernism from Derrida, which made sense are intrinsically limited to reflection of the accomplished, the constituted, the constructed (Norris,51:1982).

Income is deemed to be coherent measure of economics status it is largely an ambiguous indicator when it comes to measuring the economics status of those living in people as Indonesia. People living in culture society are often unable to ascertain exactly, modern, consumptive, how often does they spend on money day by day, mount or years. In view of this facts, I measure economics status on the basis of corruption are presence of a variety of household consumption item.

Nevertheless I seem desire of sex and management to construction the landscapes should be come after lowest cost calculate reacts to the covers so minimal. Many man although willing to acquire homes, were afraid to do, and lest they should be ruined investment later, if they have choose a something among home stay, kitchen and wide lawn or in apartment, stable, laundry and public garage were built next door, they will convert to choose them (M. Christine Boyer,148:1986)

Why the building efforts to depending on from economics status? Because as long as he has been built residences, many factories desire could be good income bearing, an investment, so social status had covers from the building. Profitable of house as look as from double function of residences were are `RUKO` in Jakarta called RUMAH TOKO or official`s home.

The phenomena triple function like this so PERDA Jakarta No. 7- 1999 (Regional of Regulation and Administration/RAA) about promised of construction, it has reject to small economics of development as same as looking for RAA No.1068-1997 or No. 2003- 1977. Many protests from people and middle business to government because of the urban city likes Jakarta has been built before economics reference and the tax were come from official`s house most profitable to the Government so it is ambiguous to implemented in the rules.

Key Question

Research about Slum Upgrading and Landscape of the Urban City Problems in The Concept of Genealogy Approach Public Philosophy is ones that qualitative research category with quantitative support data in investigation. Variable one, slum upgrading where a strategy for the improvement in a slum's infrastructure, is one that has evolved out of a period of unprecedented urban growth since the mid-20th century. In facts, nearly two thirds of the population growth that has occurred in that time period has been risen in urban areas (Wikipedia).

Slum is space in which low goings-occurred, Slum is sounds authority, integrity from urban poverty leap condition from identity of area dirty back streets and criminal population. Landscape in dictionary defined as one whose profession is the functional or decoration alteration and planting of grounds, especially at or around a building site.

Landscape is problems these looks post beautiful, art and classic. Third variable are Urban City, Urban City was moving people from some good working or migration because of stay and marriage. Genealogy is theory which I get result problems on the stressing to strategies motivation for that migration to the big city (urbanization) and how the solution brought did.

And the last variable fourth the Public Philosophy, there are specific understanding about rule in the constitution and society as look as Public of mind. Public Philosophy has recently ethics for political government about decision become from button or people need and philosophy. From a theoretical perspective, the following question should be addressed:
1. How about the Architects – genealogies could be construction to ideal mapping urban
2. What relation gender especially Women influences reads management of crisis and issue
3. Why the risk of legal and regulation about slum clearance condemnation


This study employs a methodology commonly known as Ethnographic of. A technique of combining quantitative and qualitative methods So far for merely combining these methods, however, it also attempts to make them interacts in order to counter invalid assertion which may be present in each. As data I have used to the extant sets of some kind variables was necessary in the survey about character of genealogies from the urban public and landscape, economics, social, law and development.

I nevertheless should be notes that out of more 100 respondents have been selected for focus in this study, and until 30 to 50 sample location. The questionnaires ultimately have resolve the urban people philosophy of constructed and support ethnographer who became increasingly troublesome about different from needs 

While the result of the survey are representative, it provides only superficial information since no further information about the sample being surveyed is provided. Therefore, I will be done analysis the qualitative data obtained from open – ended interviews that I was conducted to get more in depth information from respondents divide two form internal and external data. They are allowing to representing data sector major of mapping included are nature sources, good culture habit, internal legal and policy etc.

The urban people may be using great relation and connection to the Government. This case study is a basic in information and evaluation by Indonesia its overall system, via interviews with multiple players and conduct. It is difficult to drawn on objective analysis but also subjective perceptions to back up or supplement a purely quantitative approach. Jakarta is the sample on the urban landscape genealogy and the part in portrait Indonesian was chosen as the location of interviews since it is a central people and corrupt culture to which many people from various migration of bureau come to settle, remain and interacts.

Before I was verification the data, I have collect many photos from landscape pictures in the building construction, why, what and how about material based used too. After accumulate of data we are may discuss to participant and literal investigation from line or books support, analysis data with statistic and many others. 

Anthropological approach seem appropriate to deal with this kind of data. An analysis of data about crucial in urban of mapping. More important to hope in methods of interpretation data applied to public philosophical issues, and how it differs from the approaches taken by other modern research on these topics.

First step, I make observation literature and human subject. Literature have been made clearing what related to theory and practice, but research subject to find the culture theme as shows in the graph below is (*). The second step, I can be creating the mapping how chronology orders from genealogy influences have been gotten of the construction in the building. The research description with Ethnography, it is research data culture analysis composition from the observation, mapping group, culture data and interview at directly (investigation).


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